Portagrass Court

Our portable tennis courts use the Portagrass modules, 2.4 metre square metal frames supporting growing profile and grass. The system has been designed for maximum grass growth, ease of use and durability. The system is proven by year of use. 

Tennis Australia has had a portable court since 2015. The court enables ties to be held on grass at hard court arenas. When not in use it is maintained in a nursery location. The court was prepared in Queensland and first transported the 1800 km to Melbourne. The court has been used for; Davis Cup, Australia vs USA, Melbourne 2016; Davis Cup, Australia vs Slovakia, Sydney 2016; Fed Cup, Australia vs Ukraine, Canberra 2018. 




Modules are 2.4m x 2.4m (8ft x 8ft)


200mm (7.8 inches) plus grass


1,500kg (3,300lb) per module

Court size :

Multiple of 2.4 metres. Tournament court is 17 by 9 modules

Court Base:

Can be placed on hardcourt, concrete or leveled gravel


Galvanised steel base supporting growing profile and grass


Easily moved short or long distances with trucks and forklifts

Module Joins:

Level and tight with precise placement process

Growing Profile:

Any growing profile reinforced with ReFlex® mesh

Drainage rate:

Depends on soil profile, drainage layer in base of modules

Turf grass:

Any turf grass species


Good airflow under root zone

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