Drop-in Cricket Pitch

The Drop-in Cricket Pitch revolutionised how summer and winter sports can be held on major sporting stadiums. The entire cricket pitch sits inside a metal tray. To switch between cricket and football, the cricket pitch tray is swapped for a tray holding football growing profile and turf. The field can be used immediately after the trays are exchanged. Trays that are not being used are maintained and prepared in a nursery site. The wickets are moved with the StrathAyr TransportAyr machine which minimises damage to the outfield and is operated by grounds staff. 

StrathAyr's Drop-in Cricket Pitch is used at;

  • MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) 
  • Adelaide Oval 
  • Perth Stadium
  • North Sydney Oval
  • Spotless Stadium, Sydney
  • Westpac Stadium, Wellington 
  • Eden Park, Auckland 
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